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The iWind Ecosystem Unveiled
iWind V-SWT

Our groundbreaking turbine features a patent-pending blade design, seamlessly merging aerodynamic drag and lift force within a single airfoil geometry. Perfected through rigorous two-year CFD simulations and field trials, it ensures performance across diverse environmental conditions

iWind ECU

Our patented 96% efficient Electrical Control Unit seamlessly integrating turbines to on/off-grid connections.

iWind EMS

An AI-optimized control unit for Energy Management integrating various renewable sources into a hybrid microgrid, ensuring maximum reliability and resource utilization.

iWind SMS

Our IoT edge Smart Monitoring System, powered with cloud-based monitoring, facilitates remote performance monitoring and maintenance post-deployment.

Empowering our ‘Prosumers’

Compact Energy

Compact with 24-hour energy potential

Infinite Lifespan

Lego-like replaceable components ensure longevity

Minimal Maintenance

Optimal performance in any conditions

OURWorking Process

The Product Journey - 3 Years of R&D and Field Testing

Our Working Process
Idea Generation

Small Wind Turbines for microgrid scale energy generation

Research & Planning

10000+ Simulation Hours, 300+ Simulation Studies using CFD & design tools


15 prototypes developed and tested in-house


5000+ Hours of field testing in Diu, Pratapgarh, Chennai and Delhi

Product Development

Scalable iWind V-SWT platform for 100W, 1 kW, 5 kW& 15 kW capacity models


Apeiro iWind Hygrids for C&I and Community Microgrids

iWind 100

The iWind 100 is a pioneering small wind turbine, measuring 1.5 x 1.1 meters, designed to deliver a rated power of 100 watts and a peak power of 150 watts. With a startup wind speed of just 1.5 meters per second, it efficiently harnesses wind energy, showcasing reliability and effectiveness.

The iWind 100 finds versatile application in various distributed settings, serving as a sustainable energy solution for remote off-grid communities, hotels, resorts, institutions, off-grid scientific equipment, and residential areas. With an average production of 40 watts at 5 meters per second, the iWind 100 stands as a promising innovation, bringing renewable energy to diverse environments.

Product Specifications
Turbine Size:
1.5 x 1.1 m
Rated Power & Peak Power:
100 Watt -150 Watt
Average production:
40 Watts at 5 m/s
Current Stage:
GTM Stage
Product Specifications
Turbine Size:
2.75 x 3 m
Rated Power & Peak Power:
1000 Watt - 1500 Watt
Average production:
300 Watts at 5 m/s
Current Stage:
GTM by Jul'24

iWind 1 kW

The iWind 1kW, with a robust turbine size of 2.75 x 3 meters, stands as an impressive solution in renewable energy technology. Boasting a rated power of 1000 watts and a peak power of 1500 watts, this wind turbine demonstrates its efficiency with a startup wind speed of just 1.5 meters per second. With an average production of 300 watts at 5 meters per second, it not only harnesses wind energy effectively but also ensures a consistent power output.

Scheduled for a Go-To-Market launch in December 2023, the iWind 1kW is strategically designed to cater to projects ranging from 1 to 10 kW. Its versatile applications include wind-solar hybrid farms, residential rooftops, commercial and industrial setups, agricultural operations, defense facilities, and the shipping industry. Positioned at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, the iWind 1kW promises to make a significant impact across various sectors.

iWind 5 kW

Introducing the iWind 5kW, a groundbreaking advancement in renewable energy technology. With a turbine size of 5 x 5 meters, this innovation is designed to deliver a powerful performance, boasting a rated power of 5000 watts and reaching peak power at an impressive 6000 watts. Its startup wind speed of 2 meters per second ensures swift initiation, while its average production of 1700 watts at 5 meters per second guarantees a consistent and substantial energy output.

Anticipated to hit the market in December 2026, the iWind 5kW is strategically engineered for projects spanning 10 to 50 kW. Its versatile applications span across wind-solar hybrid farms, residential rooftops, commercial and industrial landscapes, agricultural sectors, defense facilities, and the shipping industry. Positioned at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, the iWind 5kW promises to redefine energy generation, shaping a greener and more resilient future.

Product Specifications
Turbine Size:
10 x 12.5 m
Rated Power & Peak Power:
5 kW to 7.5 kW
Average production:
2 kW at 5 m/s
Current Stage:
GTM by Jan'25
Product Specifications
Turbine Size:
15 x 20 m
Rated Power & Peak Power:
15 kW to 18 kW
Average production:
6 kW at 5 m/s
Current Stage:
GTM by December 2026

iWind 15 kW

In the conceptual stage, the iWind 15kW model emerges as the pinnacle of our commitment to scalable and powerful renewable energy solutions. Envisioned to harness wind energy on a larger scale, this model is currently undergoing meticulous planning, research, and simulations. The turbine’s design aims to strike a balance between efficiency, durability, and environmental adaptability. The iWind 15kW is envisioned to cater to larger-scale projects, delivering substantial power while maintaining the innovation and reliability inherent in the iWind ecosystem.

As we venture into uncharted territories, our engineers are actively exploring cutting-edge technologies, advanced materials, and innovative design principles to ensure the iWind 15kW not only meets but exceeds expectations. This model is not just a turbine; it’s a conceptual leap, a transformative force in how we envision and implement wind energy on a grand scale.


Empowering Progress with Renewable Energy

Our Projects

iWind 100 and iWind 1 kW Projects with TAFE, furthering sustainable energy initiatives in the C&I sector, Chennai Region.

Implemented a 6 kW installation featuring the iWind 2 kW Hygrid turbine model in collaboration with HPCL, marking a significant stride towards sustainable energy solutions 

CSR funded 6 kW community microgrid projects in Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve providing electricity to an off-grid village.